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St. Andrews Church 
Britannia Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, 
IP4 5HF, Tel 01473 721 695. 

History of St Andrews


From the Bible: 1 Corinthians 12 verse 27: 

 "All of you are Christ's Body, and each one is a part of it."

A Brief History of St. Andrew's

St Andrew's was erected in 1938 to serve a Conventional District which was formed out of St John's parish.  This was not granted parochial status until 1974.

The Diocesan Board of Finance made available a loan of £1,000 to be repaid in ten annual instalments of £100 plus interest at 1% less than current bank rate on the balance remaining from year to year.  The loan was repaid in full on 24 November 1944.  It is a fact that St Andrew's was therefore built entirely by the parish!  Very little, if any, of the fabric or ornaments of this church were purchased, they were given as gifts.

A list of Incumbents can be found on the wall in the church.  Prior to 1974 Priest-in-Charge was the title bestowed on the Incumbent.

The church, which comprised nave and chancel only, was enlarged by the addition of an entrance and baptistry at the west end in 1970.  Although St Andrew's is a simple and unpretentious church, the interior is homely and feels 'lived-in'.  The nave was furnished with fine 19th century benches with poppy heads, which came from the disused church of St Mary at the Quay.

St Andrew's was dedicated on 12 January 1938, consecrated on 11 March 1974.  The church was not allowed the Sacrament of Marriage until 1944 and this took place on 24 June that year.  All weddings in the parish prior to this date took place at St John's, Cauldwell Hall Road.

Christine Read, one of our Church Elders writes:

The Reverend Graham House arrived at St Andrew's in August 1984.  By Christmas 1985 the old church building was bursting at the seams.  We realised that we needed a larger church, so after days of prayer and fasting and only £19 in the Building Fund, we had a Gift Day and about £26,000 was raised.  So the plans were drawn up for the new church buildings.

On Easter Sunday 1988, the Evening Service was taken outside on the spot where the new church was to be built.  Six months later the new church building was dedicated by Bishop John Waine on Sunday, 16 October 1988 at 3.00 pm.